Wednesday, February 27, 2008

An observation of the Obama/Clinton debates

I have noticed that when you talk with someone who is supporting Clinton, all they do is throw mud and Obama. They don't talk about the issues, or, how Clinton will move us forward. They are very negative.

When you talk to people about Obama, they are positive, upbeat, with and excitement for the future. They are informed on the issues and choose to vote based on sound policy, not bullshit.

I believe it is time the middle of the road, moderates take back control of this country. We have let the right and left control the majority moderates for way too long.

That is evident by the popularity of McCain with the Republicans and Obama with the Democrats. Most people are middle of the road and we are tired of the extremist like the Bush's and Clinton's running this country. I think that is why Obama supporters are so upbeat, excited and his rallies are like pep rallies or concerts.

For the first time in years we actually have a candidate that can move us forward instead of to the right or left. Someone that can solve the insurance and medical crisis that is not backed by insurance and pharmaceutical lobbyist like Clinton, someone that has a great plan to handle the education crisis that we are now ranked below some 3rd world countries, someone that will bring our troops home now instead of letting them die for a war we should have never fought, someone that will bring business back to America and provide jobs and tax breaks for the working and middle class. Someone that has not been in Congress long enough to make enemies, but someone that can truly cross the party lines and move us forward.

So, if your going to vote for a candidate, talk about the issues, how they can help America. Don't just sling mud and make negative comments about the opposing candidate. We have put up with that shit way too long. If you cannot say something positive about the candidate and where they will take our country then keep your opinions to yourself. Thanks for reading this, and, no matter who you vote for, do it for the right reason.

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