Saturday, October 4, 2008

Well, after a short break from blogging, I'm back and here's my take on the Vice President Debate

It's amazing how party-brainwashed some people are. Any independent/objective thinking individual could observe that Palin did well only in comparison to her horrific previous interviews. And she only sounded strong when she completely avoided questions she was uncomfortable with and instead spewed off some scripts fed to her by her coaches. This was a debate NOT a town hall meeting. In a debate you're supposed to ANSWER THE QUESTIONS! What good is Palin's straight talk if she's only willing to talk about certain things?

Ok, on a less serious note here, its funny, given Palin's lack of experience, I believe Tina Fey would indeed be a better candidate than Sarah. After all, she does a great job at portraying her here in the latest SNL Debate clip w/Queen Latifah (love her). You be the judge.

And, as an added bonus for sticking around, here is the Katie Couric/Tina Fay Interview

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