Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Anyone who knows me can testify that I love going to the movies - especially during the winter months. I saw Cloverfield on Sunday afternoon and I never get up to go use the restroom during a movie, but I had to do just that during this one. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a bad movie, but I was left feeling a bit disappointed afterwards by the fact that it was never explained why this thing only attacked New York City and not any of the other FIVE nearby bouroughs or how it even got there.

"The first thing you need to get used to in "Cloverfield" is the potentially nausea-inducing shaky camera work, which makes "The Blair Witch Project" look like the latest Ken Burns documentary. Audiences will have to make other concessions, too. While director Matt Reeves never bothers to explain why New York is being leveled by a giant angry who-knows-what, he makes time to insert an episode of "Felicity" in the middle of his monster movie, interrupting the carnage with a romance subplot that belongs on a second-tier television network".

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Huntington said...

The idea I got from the reviews was that it wasn't about "why." Rather, the point of the film was to show what would happen if a monster like this attacked N.Y. The "why" is irrelevant, so they didn't show it. As far as why it didn't hit Brooklyn, Queens, and points east, I don't know...and no, I haven't seen the movie. Yet.