Monday, January 28, 2008

A Water Logged Weekend - Part I

Yep, I think the title sums it up quite well here in dreary San Francisco.

Friday was a washout - complete with rain, wind, wine, 420 and the lovely conversation I had with 5 star!

On Saturday, what seemed to have started out rather dry and on the warm side, I decided to venture out and hit the streets for a stroll. While walking about, (when I should have been doing my months worth of laundry) I just happened to stumble on a theater that was just about to begin showing "There Will Be Blood". Overall, I liked the movie, but I wanted to love it. And, I did until the screenplay got lazy and pulled a "17 years later" type stunt that was uncharacteristic of the excellent movie that preceded it. Daniel Day-Lewis is undeniably one of the best actors working today, or any time for that matter. He is remarkable in this, definitely the best performance of the year.

After the movie I decided to jaunt over to the Haight to get my burrito fix. Burritos, I'll have you know are one of my favorites and you must trust me when I say this, it is one of the best dishes served here in SF and cheap too! When I got back home I totally scarfed down my burrito and afterwards, I decided to head out for 2.00 beers, then 1.00 cocktails! Yes, I said 2.00 beers and 1.00 cocktails.

One can get drunk pretty cheaply on any given night here in San Francisco. After I liquored myself up to the gills, I decided it was time once again to make that mad dash back to my apartment in the pouring rain and call it a night. To be continued


Contrada Gal said...

Dang! Where are those $2.00 beers and $1.00 cocktails? LOL!

CornFedBoy said...

You've been to the beerbust at the Sun on Saturday's remember? The $1.00 cocktails are at Trax in the Haight on Saturday night from 9-10 pm, and then the price goes up to 2.00 from 10-11:00 pm and finally 3.00 from 11 - midnight. Talk about a bargain if you're on a budget, huh?