Monday, January 28, 2008

A Water Logged Weekend - Part II


Sunday morning! Aweeeee, nothing smells better then a fresh pot of brewing java! As my friend H.w.S once said "you don't have any coffee here"??? Well, not until now that is - yes, I'll admit, I did not have any on hand and what queen doesn't?!

After listening to the weather forecast and news, I logged onto all my favorite websites and checked them out... way to tired to blog, I saved that for today when I could think more clearly. I also checked out for my next flick to catch on this once again rainy day. So, I chose The Savages for today's rainy drama.

I really liked this movie. I came to a conclusion that the acting was very well done by all 3 lead actors. The writing, cinematography, and story line are all top of the line. The film itself funny at times and very sad at others and really hits home to anyone who's had to deal with handling the affairs of a declining parent. My only hope is - the Academy will notice, or some day notice, the great acting that was done by the beautiful and talented Laura Linney.

After the movie let out, I took another mad dash at avoiding the rain drops and caught the train bound for Castro to stop off for a couple beers before the rain had set in again. I shortly arrived at the 440 where I was surprised to find out it was "Sunday furry Sunday".

This is an event for the bears, but not limited to that type of crowd, so there was a wide mixture of guys and a few gals too that are friends of the bear community!

I ended up hanging out there for quite a long time waiting for the rain to subside...6 beers later to be exact. Afterwards, I headed over to Zapata, my other favorite burrito pit stop before catching the 33 Stanyan bus home.

When I got back to my little humble apartment, I nestled in and scarfed down on another scrumptious burrito while watching Master Piece Theatre on PBS and then called it a night. [end]

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